Episode 2

In The Functional Podcast Episode 2, Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns answers more viewer questions along with giving you insight on how Naudi and Functional Patterns have gotten the outstanding results that have disrupted the fitness industry. From why Naudi does not feel he can give an ok to other training methods, FP certification courses, to altering your behaviors this episode will put forth valuable information in order to help you navigate our reality in a more functional fashion.

The following topics are presented in this podcast:

  • Naudi Aguilar’s thoughts on other methods validity – 0:00
  • Sounding smart – 18:55
  • Do you recommend the FP 10wk online course over seeking a FP practitioner? What about taking a FP certification course? – 27:00
  • What did Jacque Fresco miss? Is the environment everything? – 43:39
  • Now that you live in Hawaii, do you surf? 50:10