Episode 4

In The Functional Podcast Episode 4, Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns discusses a variety of topics put forth by viewer questions. This episode has been another great source for information pertaining to your physical and mental health as a human in society today. Beginning with Naudi’s perspective on drinking coffee, the burdens of trying to be functional to his thoughts on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, this episode brings forth many perspectives on issues that will help you live a more functional life.

The following topics are presented in this podcast:

  • Naudi Aguilar’s perspective on drinking coffee. 0:00
  • Naudi Aguilar on the Mind/Body connection. 13:05
  • How often does Naudi Aguilar work out ? 17:49
  • The burden of trying to be functional. 19:17
  • Naudi Aguilar on trying other methods and trying to get Functional Patterns certified. 26:50
  • Naudi Aguilar on accountability within Functional Patterns and Functional Patterns growth. 30:33
  • Naudi Aguilar on fitness novelty vultures and the spectrum of functionality. 40:35
  • Naudi Aguilar’s thoughts on the 2020 election with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 46:10