Episode 5

In The Functional Podcast Episode 5 Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns answers more viewer questions and gives valuable insights on a variety of topics pertaining to your health as a human. One our best episodes yet, Naudi begins with addressing whether or not he is on TRT, the problems with orientating your fitness around the sagittal plane, to the problem with making friends this episode will again not fall short in informing you on the pitfalls of traditional training methods and elaborates on the process of attaining function in this life.

The following topics are presented in this podcast:

  • Making complicated messages attainable to the masses. – 0:00
  • Is Naudi Aguilar on TRT? / Don’t orientate training methods around the sagittal plane. – 3:25
  • Does traditional training cause pain, dysfunctions and injuries? 19:28
  • Having fun when you are exercising. / Are you getting ahead of yourself? – 28:32
  • The problem with making friends. – 44:04
  • Naudi Aguilar elaborates more on coffee consumption. / What is your role in society? – 59:15
  • The process of attaining function. – 1:06:16